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Let us assist you in taking care of your mind, body and spirit with the following services offered at Gallie Wellness:

  • Health Consultations:

    Assisting the body to heal based on the use of plants and plant extracts.

    Louise Leblanc,(506) 577-6534

  • Health Coaching:

    For women who are tired, stressed and who feel stuck in life. The 3 month Total transformation journey will double your energy and increase your level of health and happiness. You will love waking up in the morning.

    Book your free Breakthrough session:

    Gabrielle Gaudet, gabriellehealthcoach@gmail.comBOOK NOW

  • Live blood analysis:

    Learn about the present state of your health and immune system. In addition to seeing your blood on the monitor, it may help identify certain pathogens such as candida, parasites or fungal.

    Valda Pike,(506) 229-0455

  • Massage therapy:

    A technique of manipulating the muscles and the connective tissues. It helps enhance body function while helping the client to relax and feel more peaceful.

    Josee Hachey,(506) 866-0252

  • Osteopathy:

    Strengthen the bond between the structure and the function of the body. It will also help the body heal itself. Osteopaths practise manual and/or manipulative therapy.

    Philippe Hunaut,(506) 388-6145BOOK NOW

  • Psychotherapy:

    Helping to understand feelings, moods, behaviours and our way of thinking. The session will help to prepare yourself for the different challenges in life and learn to see the brighterside of situations even though they are not always seen as positive.

    Monique Gallie,(506) 388-6144

  • Reflexology:

    Using pressure points located in the hands and feet to release pain and assist in healing the body.

    Louise Leblanc,(506) 577-6534

  • Weight loss:

    Customized to each individual client, the process includes counseling sessions, meal plans, recipes and health-building articles.

    Valda Pike,(506) 229-0455

  • ZYTO technology:

    The software begins with a bio-survey. The response is analyzed, while the results are called your biological preferences. These preferences will relate to things such as nutritional supplements and herbal remedies.

    Valda Pike,(506) 229-0455